Richard Fox

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White Ravel in A, X, sycamore and white earth pigment paint, h. 54 x 36 x 34cm SOLD
White Ravel in A, IX, sycamore and white earth pigment paint, h.42 x 46 x 33cm

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The sculpture from concept of original idea to method of construction took well over a year to achieve. "The sculpture takes time to make. I visualise a space, a void and sketch a shape to fill it. This is to describe the process in its simplest way. In the act of sketching, I am trying to achieve a form that works as a whole. The combinations of material and shape in both the sculpture and space within the curves. There are a lot of processes in making the sculpture and all of them have taken time to evolve."


Exhibitions. 2012

Hilton Fine Art, Bath

Grand Design Live, Excel, London with the Sheridan Russell Gallery, London.

The London Art Fair with the Dominic Guerrini gallery.

The Gallery Upstaires and Torquil, Henley in Arden.

Garsington Opera, Wormsley.

Arts-inc gallery, Witney.

The Fisherton Mill Gallery, Salisbury.

Jenna Burlingham Fine Art. Hampshire.


Private Collections

Kingdom suite, Four Seasons Hotel, Riadh.


Exhibitions. 2011.

Art in Action, Waterperry. ( voted equal second in the Best Of The Best Show).

One Oak Tree Project.

Garsington Opera, Wormsley.

The Gallery Upstaires and Torquil, Henley in Arden.

Forge 2 Gallery, Culworth.

Gallery 7, Chipping Norton